Scoop: the new website is live!

You may have noticed, but the website of Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke has recently changed its appearance. The website has been redesigned and has gained a number of important new features. From now on, it will be even easier to place orders on the website and keep track of their status.

Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke is a very progressive company that places value on implementing the latest innovations in horticultural technology. This includes a brand-new website as well. By constantly innovating, Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke maintains its relevance and can continue to grow. In this article, you’ll read about what has changed and what has remained the same on the website.

What has changed

Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke’s new website now has a contemporary look and feel, with an emphasis on user-friendliness. This makes it easier to find information about the products and view product photos. Moreover, our new blog page features the latest news about the nursery and the horticultural industry.

The new customer portal

The customer portal has also received an update. When you log in, you are taken straight to your personal dashboard. This dashboard has a number of useful functions. For instance, you place items in your shopping basket and save it to complete your order later on, or track the status of an order that has been placed. You can also find all your previous and current orders in this area.

Another interesting addition is the catalogue mode. In this mode, you can browse through the catalogue together with your customer, without the prices being visible. It is also possible to manipulate the price by setting a margin. This allows you to show the nursery’s catalogue with the customer with peace of mind. 

In addition, it is now possible to keep an address book in the portal so that orders can be delivered to several addresses. Do you prefer not to be disturbed at certain times? Then set contact days and hours via the dashboard, and the nursery will not disturb you during the suggested time frame.

Easy product viewing and ordering

Perhaps one of the most important changes is the updating of the ordering system. When you navigate to a product, you get a range of product information that will help you make an informed purchasing choice. You will find information such as pot size, stem height, stem thickness, flowering time, winter hardiness, flower and leaf colour and much more in the new system.

Finally, the trilingual webshop has become much easier to navigate. You can easily filter to find the right products, add products to your favourites list with just the click of a button, or contact customer service directly from your personal dashboard.

This will remain the same

An important part of the old website was offering a large selection of product photos and information. With this extensive range of information, Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke was already ahead of the competition. The new website has an extensive archive of product information as well, which will be continuously expanded. This means that viewing a product remains as easy as ever.

In addition, the excellent service and relevant assortment of trees and plants will remain as you would expect from Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke. The company has always strived to ensure a collection that keeps up with the times, and promises to continue doing so. You will find trees and plants in the nursery that are currently popular, and the company anticipates new trends and developments in the market as quickly as it can.

Pleased with our new website? Let us know!

Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke’s state-of-the-art new website has been created with great care. Working closely with the developer, the company has created a website that focuses on user-friendliness as well as applying the latest technological trends and developments.

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