Our Nursery

Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke specialises in growing avenue trees in containers. The trees are planted in special containers, giving them a strong and compact root system. Besides, growing trees in containers makes them especially easy to transport. In this way, the company can supply the European continent with strong and healthy trees. 

The nursery closely cooperates with approximately ten open-grown growers. For this reason, a wide range of trees is available at the company. At Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke, for instance, you will find 150 species of trees of different heights and in different species. Whether you are looking for a large or small tree, a thick or thin trunk, spherical or flat, roof-shaped or slate-shaped, Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke most certainly has the tree you want.

Potted Field

Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke is one of the most technologically advanced nurseries in Europe. The nursery makes optimal use of the available growing space by carefully arranging the trees in so-called potted fields. Trees are both grown and stored in these fields, before being transported to the customer. 

The potted fields at Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke are equipped with the latest innovations in horticulture. For example, an automatic watering system has been installed that makes optimal use of rainwater, collected in the surrounding silos. This is the perfect way for the company to add a bit of sustainability to its portfolio. The soil has also been covered with weed-resistant cloths to prevent weeds from entering the pots. In this way, the company can supply sustainably grown and very healthy trees from its own nursery.

Potting Machine

Another technique that should be mentioned is the highly innovative potting machine used by Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke. This potting machine, also known as a potting robot, is an innovation by local company Baars Techniek from Kesteren. The robot can pot up to 6,000 trees a week, taking over much of the heavy labour that horticulturalists face with great regularity.

Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke’s potting machine drastically reduces the labour intensity and ensures that the nursery can remain in operation day and night. By making use of this new horticultural innovation, the company is securing its future and can continue to grow even more.


Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke places great value on delivering high-quality, healthy trees. That is why the company applies a unique care system, which allows their trees to grow strong in an environment free of diseases. For instance, the nursery uses a potting soil mixture that contains osmocote plus. This fertiliser gives the tree the desired nutrition in doses for the first 9 to 12 months after potting, keeping the product visually attractive even in your gardening centre or wholesale outlet. 

Besides administering the right nutrition, spacing the trees is also important. In the container fields, the trees have plenty of room to grow. Moreover, the trees get water when they need it, thanks to the computer-controlled watering system. By carefully applying the right care, Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke manages to delight its customers over and over and again with the very best trees at a reasonable price.

Ready for Sale

Trees that are visually appealing are of great importance to garden centres, wholesalers and gardeners who buy the nursery’s products. But the company offers more than just high-quality products. For instance, the trees from Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke are made ready for sale. This means that the trees are provided with labels, barcodes, plant information and care. 

In addition, it is possible to have your own logo, sales price and barcode printed on the labels. This way, you can place the trees in your shop or directly in the customer’s garden immediately after transport. Have you become curious about the products Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke has to offer? Then have a look at the assortment and order your desired products online with ease.