Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke is a well-established wholesaler in horticulture. The company specialises in container trees, but also offers a wide range of ornamental grasses, water plants, conifers and more. The advanced technology the nursery applies to its operations, makes it a very reliable supplier. In fact, the company’s robotisation ensures short delivery times and high-quality products.

Besides producing trees and plants, Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke also focuses on facilitating its customers’ sales process. One of the ways the company does this is by supplying ready-for-sale products. Each product is labelled with matching photos and product information. It is also possible for customers to have their own logo, sales price and/or barcode printed on the label. In this way, the trees can be placed directly in your store while the lead time of the product is drastically reduced.


The products are raised in Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke’s private nursery and then transported to customers all over Europe. In this way, Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke has already supplied many wholesalers as well as garden centres and horticulturists with high-quality trees and plants. 

Customers can request a catalogue or place their order online. This is done by means of a convenient online ordering system, which also allows the available stock and product information to be viewed. The trees are then prepared for transport and shipped in containers; ready for sale or for immediate use.


Would you prefer to inspect the plants before placing an order? Then visit one of the in-house fairs organised by Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke. During the house fair, all the nursery’s suppliers come together to present their products. During this event, you will have an extensive opportunity to view the trees and plants before placing an order. 

This popular event will feature the entire collection of Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke. From container trees to aquatic plants, this event is the perfect opportunity for any wholesaler, gardener or garden centre to complete or expand their assortment. Discover a wide range of seasonal plants or view the latest collection of high-quality container trees.

Besides during the in-house fairs, you can also visit Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke at a large number of regional horticultural fairs. For example, you will find us at PLANTARIUM, GrootGroenPlus and more. During these fairs, you are welcome to come and view our collection in person and take home our latest catalogue.

Presentation material

To promote sales for its customers, Tree Nursery ‘t Kempke also offers presentation materials. These materials allow business customers to efficiently decorate their shop and present the nursery’s products in the best possible way. The presentation material is tailor-made for the nursery’s trees and plants and fits seamlessly with most shop designs.

Research shows that presenting products in the right way can lead to higher sales. It is therefore a wise choice to purchase presentation material with your order. A neat presentation will lead to a clear and organised sales space, and will certainly have a positive experience on your customers’ experience.